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Instrumenting Apache HttpClient

The metrics-httpclient module provides InstrumentedHttpClientConnManager and InstrumentedHttpClients, two instrumented versions of Apache HttpClient 4.x classes.

InstrumentedHttpClientConnManager is a thread-safe HttpClientConnectionManager implementation which measures the number of open connections in the pool and the rate at which new connections are opened.

InstrumentedHttpClients follows the HttpClients builder pattern and adds per-HTTP method timers for HTTP requests.

Metric naming strategies

The default per-method metric naming and scoping strategy can be overridden by passing an implementation of HttpClientMetricNameStrategy to the InstrumentedHttpClients.createDefault method.

A number of pre-rolled strategies are available, e.g.:

HttpClient client = InstrumentedHttpClients.createDefault(registry, HttpClientMetricNameStrategies.HOST_AND_METHOD);