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Instrumenting Jetty

The metrics-jetty9 (Jetty 9.3 and higher) modules provides a set of instrumented equivalents of Jetty classes: InstrumentedBlockingChannelConnector, InstrumentedHandler, InstrumentedQueuedThreadPool, InstrumentedSelectChannelConnector, and InstrumentedSocketConnector.

The Connector implementations are simple, instrumented subclasses of the Jetty connector types which measure connection duration, the rate of accepted connections, connections, disconnections, and the total number of active connections.

InstrumentedQueuedThreadPool is a QueuedThreadPool subclass which measures the ratio of idle threads to working threads as well as the absolute number of threads (idle and otherwise).

InstrumentedHandler is a Handler decorator which measures a wide range of HTTP behavior: dispatch times, requests, resumes, suspends, expires, the number of active, suspected, and dispatched requests, as well as meters of responses with 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx status codes. It even has gauges for the ratios of 4xx and 5xx response rates to overall response rates. Finally, it includes meters for requests by the HTTP method: GET, POST, etc.